10 Incredible Ashley Madison Transformations

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"Smart dating" and "real men and women. " Those are phrases that sound refreshing when applied into the online dating arena. After all, we’ve got all had our fair share of experiences with websites and apps that are less than ingenious.

How lovely it must be to put in an online world of genuine men and women all seeking to partner up for casual or long-term bliss. Yes, an online dating utopia indeed.

Well, a dating website known as Ashley Madison.com promotes itself as a stage for "smart dating" for "real men and women. "

Is it that the ultimate solution to finding love, passion, and sex online is to be found on Ashley Madison?

We have to admit, we were intrigued. After years of digging deep into what the online dating industry offers, we’ve encountered some gems just as we’ve encountered some giant trds.

Could Ashley Madison create all that previous effort mute? Is it that we’ve finally arrived at the ultimate solution for everybody ‘s online dating wants? Will our humble information and review website no longer be required?

Alright, with this kind of a build up you understand that one of the two things are coming. Either we’ll bow down before the online dating gods in gratitude for giving us Ashley Madison — — we will ravage them by imitating the could and furor of our sarcastic of review writers upon them.

In any event, it’ll be a fun ride along with an even funnier read. So make sure you check our Ashley Madison review.

Last Word Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison touts it is a platform to fulfill "real men and women. " Well, unless "real people" are described as imitation profiles and messaging bots, Ashley Madison falls way short of what it suggests.

We speed Ashley Madison as a huge FAIL.

Great place to discover ads for questionable and dubious third-party websites Most of the bogus profile pics are pretty alluring You won’t encounter direct upsells.

Deficiency of real women on the website Floods you with imitation messages Full of clickbait-type ads Utterly unsuccessful for meeting real people.

Allow ‘s start off things nice and simple. Like a solo jazz saxophonist easing everyone in the bar into his groove.

When you first arrive at the welcome page for Ashley Madison that is how you’re feeling. A solid black background with minimal messaging in a white-colored ribbon along with a registration box. It’s effective in building up anticipation from those who land on it.

Considering that the only action that you may take on the welcome page is to enroll, which ‘s what our testers did. They ‘re not gullible goofs — they’re simply doing their jobs, dammit.

We all here at OnlineHookupSites have scoured the internet high and low. In all our digital travels, we’ve never come across a registration procedure that was as quickly or as undemanding as that of Ashley Madison.

Sure, some websites offer new customers a "short-form" up front but eventually, you have to provide some additional information or support your account through email or Facebook. This isn’t the case with Ashley Madison. Our Writers only needed to input their titles, an email address, their gender, and age — which was it. It was as if Ashley Madison could telepathically know who we were and what sort of person we had been seeking to meet. Kinda spooky at all. Some of our people also thought that it could have been a portion of the AI-technology crap that they have heard so much about.

Pleasantly surprised by how quickly the enrollment procedure was, our testers weren’t given the time to celebrate properly ahead of their elation soon turned into euphoria. Literally in microseconds by entering the principal platform Ashley Madison notified all our testers they needed an "incoming telephone. " Yes, an online telephone — also — they had their choice of replying in voice-only manner or in movie chat manner.

"Be still our beating hearts," they said with the exception of Fred, one of our senior editors that feels blessed each time that his heart takes another beat following a lifelong dependence on fatty foods and cigarettes. But receiving an INCOMING CALL out of a hot looking chick when you’ve been on a website for less than a second is mind boggling.

Not only that, but a few of our testers also noticed their inboxes had multiple messages from different ladies. Many consisted of the message, "nice photograph," even though our testers hadn’t had the opportunity to upload one or were overly self-conscious to do so even if given the opportunity.

Man, Ashley Madison sure looked candy. Why couldn’t all dating and hookup sites be the way?

As ideas of live online wickedness and debauchery filled the heads of each of our testers as they were clicking onto the "response " button for their respective incoming calls… something unpleasant happened. It was like watching a truckload of cute kittens and dogs dressed in little bows get struck by a runaway train.

Each time they attempted to answer their telephone they had been led to a recently opened window in their browser. In the event of Fred, courageous and committed soul he , it happened 27 successive occasions.

Our Writers have been redirected to third party websites with titles like:

What sort of sorcery can be causing that? Could a jealous competitor have hacked the fantastic people at Ashley Madison and be redirecting visitors to such websites?

Well, the answer isn’t quite as outlandish as that. It is, however, rather disappointing. Those redirects are a ploy used by Ashley Madison to divert traffic to other websites from which they’re probably taking a cut of the action.

To be fair the entire Ashley Madison website appears to be geared as a huge clickbait farm. There are banner ads hop over to this website with taglines that read, "want a f*ck friend? " Now, as appealing because these offers sound, regrettably, all contribute to third party websites that appear of a dubious origin.

Each the profiles on the website seem to be imitation as would be the incoming messages and calls. It’s as if the entire Ashley Madison system were a few shallow shell to make you click ads.

However, it was never directly encouraged to our testers and browsing throughout the website didn’t get us into an upgrade or payment site. That, admittedly, sounded very strange to us. Whether Ashley Madison was experiencing any changes daily or if it is setup by design to be completely an ad serving website, only the online dating gods know for sure.

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